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Payments & Supports

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Cards: We accept major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. When making a payment using a credit or debit card, you may be required to provide cardholder information, including the card number, expiration date, security code, and billing address.

Online Payment Services: We may offer online payment services, such as PayPal or Stripe, for added convenience and security. When using these services, you may be subject to their respective terms and privacy policies.

Payment Processing

Order Confirmation: Once you place an order on our Website and complete the payment process, you will receive an order confirmation email. Please review the order details and contact us promptly if you notice any discrepancies.

Payment Authorization: By submitting your payment information, you authorize us to charge the specified amount for the purchased products to the selected payment method. Payment processing will occur upon order confirmation.

Payment Verification: In certain cases, we may need to verify the payment details provided to prevent fraudulent transactions. We may request additional information or documentation to ensure the legitimacy of the payment.

Order Support and Inquiries

Order Status Updates: We strive to provide timely updates regarding the status of your order. You will receive email notifications regarding order confirmation, shipment tracking (if available), and any significant updates or delays.

Customer Support: If you have any questions, concerns, or issues related to your product payment, please reach out to our customer support team using the contact information provided on our Website. We will make every effort to assist you promptly and resolve any payment-related matters.

Refunds and Returns

Refund Policy: Our refund policy outlines the terms and conditions for requesting a refund. Please refer to our Refund Policy page on our Website for detailed information on eligibility, processes, and timelines for refunds.

Return Policy: Our return policy governs the process for returning products and seeking replacements or exchanges. For specific details regarding our return policy, please refer to the Returns & Exchanges page on our Website.

Security and Privacy

Security Measures: We implement industry-standard security measures to protect your payment information and ensure secure transactions. We utilize encrypted connections and comply with relevant Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements.

Privacy: We are committed to protecting your privacy and handling your personal information in accordance with applicable privacy laws. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on our Website for detailed information on how we collect, use, disclose, and safeguard your personal information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding Payments & Support for product payments, please contact us using the following information:

786 285 5633

We appreciate your business and strive to provide a seamless and secure payment experience.


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